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ROCSEALS manufactures EPDM, SBR, NBR, CR, NR, TPE, PVC and Silicone gaskets by using extrusion and moulded articles by using compression and injection press lines.



Quality does not just mean manufacturing of a product at highest quality level. It also means fully satisfying customer expectations and ensuring complete functionality of the product.

Achieving a flawless product in line with customer expectations is only possible by keeping sensitive production processes in control. Dough quality, production timing and temperature values have utmost importance in elastomer based and rubber material products.

ROCSEALS carefully carries out quality controls in all production steps from dough production to final packing. The dough is not forwarded to gasket production without laboratory approval and achieving desired results from test productions.

Continuously making effort to maintain and improve quality standards, ROCSEALS renews and improves its production processes in line with demands, and closely observes the latest innovations in production technology.


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