Concrete Pipe Seals


Concrete pipe sealing

Integrated seals produced to ensure insulation on concrete pipe joints have high resistance and sealing characteristics particularly in underground conditions due to its integrated structure with the concrete pipe.

In addition to seal production and supply addressing too many businesses, ROCSEALS produces integrated concrete pipe seals for infrastructure industry at TSE 681-1 quality standards.

ROCSEALS integrated seals demonstrate resistance against all conditions and pressures in underground systems and ensures maximum sealing thanks to specially designed thread connections, cell structure and resistant, flexible body integrated into concrete. ROCSEALS offers integrated seals in size range of DN 150 to DN 1200 for the customers.

In order for integrated seals to meet expected performances and duty, concrete pipes should be produced in accordance with TSE 821 EN 1916, pallets and moulds should me produced according to DIN 4032 and DIN 4035 standards.

Use of integrated seal:

  • The seal is installed on bottom pallet cleaned properly from concrete remains.
  • During casting of concrete, seal is fixed on the concrete by means of threads. At this stage, correct fitting of the seal as well as equal distribution taking preliminary stretching into account should be verified.
  • Before introducing vibration for concrete production in mould, concrete mix should be filled up to 15-20 cm upper level of the seal.
  • Once the pipe mould is removed, the opening of concrete pipe should be fixed using fiber guides. No other process should be performed for 1-1,5 hours.
  • Pallets should be pulled centrally and fiber guides should be removed.

Cautions and storage conditions:

  • Seals should not be stored below 25°C degrees, and protected from sun light, humidity and artificial lighting that contains high levels of ultraviolet.
  • Seals should not be stored in same location with the equipment potentially producing ozone or high voltage electrical equipment causing electrical sparks or discharge.
  • In any circumstance, seal should not be hung from the edges.
  • Seals should be stored in a clean environment, away from pressure and stress in its original un-opened package.
  • ROCSEALS will provide assistance in case of any issues that may arise due to failure to install and store according to recommendations, however; shall not be held liable.
  • Waste or salvage products should be disposed in accordance with the regulation for solid waste control.

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