Corrugated Pipe Seals


Corrugated pipe seals

Corrugated pipes designed for underground drainage and waste water transportation have different materials and designs varying from one country to another, and sleeve, muff dimensions may also differ. In order to fully meet sealing and installation functions, seals for corrugated pipes are produced in different dimensions and designs.

ROCSEALS offers certified, approved seals for corrugated pipes in TS EN 681-1 standards in line with customer demands. In case that one meter of samples from both male and female ends of the pipes are provided, ROCSEALS can offer the seal that best meets design and diameter specifications of the pipe to the customer in a very short time frame.

Markings identifying the specifications of corrugated pipe (i.e. ID 600 SN-4) must be printed on the seal. ROCSEALS also prints necessary wording on seals starting from size ID 100.

Characteristics of corrugated pipe seals are as follows:

  • Seals are installed on rib (bellows) section of corrugated pipes by means of stretching.
  • The flexible flange section on seal exterior prevents leaking between interior and exterior pipe.
  • Small diameter seals are manually installed whereas large diameter seals are stretched and installed using apparatus.

Cautions and storage conditions:

  • It is essential to use gloves when installing seals, and the seal should be rotated one full turn and controlled after installation.
  • Apparatus to be used for installation should not be sharp and any seal damage should be avoided.
  • Seals should not be stored below 25°C degrees, and protected from sun light, humidity and artificial lighting that contains high levels of ultraviolet.
  • Seals should not be stored in same location with the equipment potentially producing ozone or high voltage electrical equipment causing electrical sparks or discharge.
  • In any circumstance, seal should not be hung from the edges.
  • Seals should be stored in a clean environment, away from pressure and stress in its original un-opened package.
  • ROCSEALS will provide assistance in case of any issues that may arise due to failure to install and store according to recommendations, however; shall not be held liable.
  • Waste or salvage products should be disposed in accordance with the regulation for solid waste control.

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