Rubber membranes used particularly in Europe and world-wide are very efficient and long life insulation materials in large surface and base sealing. Membranes perfectly function and ensure sealing particularly under façade fittings of buildings, roofs and terraces, under tile applications and artificial ponds.

ROCSEALS offers membranes made of EPDM rubber in particular and provides application support. Based on application area characteristics, membrane sheets produced in different thicknesses starting from 0,5 mm are fused according to dimensions of the application area and laid in place or fused by thermal heating devices on site.

Additionally, tapes and adhesives used to EPDM membrane strips not only preserve EPDM characteristics but also allows on site welding using thermal welding machines and ensures sealing.

Advantages of EPDM membranes:

  • Maintains its flexibility and resistance even under high temperature variations.
  • Does not require post-application maintenance and revision.
  • Resistant against various weather conditions, sun light, ozone, acid and solutions.
  • Does not corrode or release harmful chemicals, and it is environmental-friendly.
  • It has almost life time long life cycle and applied only once.
  • Ensures perfect insulation.

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