Motorway seals


Motorway Sealing

ROCSEALS manufactures joints with or without “rope” and expansion sealing for special design profiles varying according to area of use in motorways, viaducts, airports as well as motorways made of concrete blocks which bear an intense traffic and subjected to continuous heavy loads.

ROCSEALS produces highway seals which require special technical know-how and meet DIN EN 14188-3 standards, and markets to Asian countries in particular for many years, provides consultancy and offers all necessary technical assistance, particularly for installation.

Characteristics and advantages of seals used to fill the gaps between road blocks and to tolerate block resilience under varying conditions are as follows:

  • Prevents various residue and fluid intrusion between blocks.
  • Eliminates breaks and wears by contacting of blocks.
  • Tolerates block resilience occurring under different conditions.
  • Resistant against fluid wastes, gasoline, diesel and various chemicals.
  • Permanently installed and remains in position unless a very high, special force is applied.
  • Easy installation under any weather condition.
  • Eliminates use of other filling materials such as sand, etc.
  • Long life-cycle.

The properties of motorway and higyway seals for tolorating expansion between blocks and isolating the joints are as following:

  • Prevents water and debris from entering the joint.
  • Prevents cracks, chips, and buckles between blocks.
  • Tolorates expanding and contacts during temperature and condition changes.
  • Resists against waste water, gasoils, and various hazardous chemicals.
  • Permanent in contact with blocks and can only be removed with great power again.
  • Profiles can advantageously be installed in all weather conditions and are highly durable.
  • Installation does not need sand, cement, or any other materials.
  • Very extended performance life.

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