Spacers which are produced using high lamination technology are a “hot edge insulation system” and acts as a flexible thermopane spacer.

Spacers which are constituted of high quality components and have multi-layer system have a very high performance due to hydrophilic materials and poly-carbon reinforcements.

ROCSEALS offers the Spacer product that can be applied easily in any geometry in window industry as a much more efficient insulation spacer in more affordable terms.

Spacer characteristics:

  • Full insulation by poly-carbon reinforcement and multi-layered material.
  • Resistant against weather conditions and hydrophilic quality.
  • Better U insulation value compared to standard aluminum spacers.
  • Easy application to round and different geometric shaped windows.
  • Higher noise insulation.
  • Smooth surface appearance.
  • Fast and easy production, easy application, easy packing.
  • Standard and custom order production.

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