Tunnel Seals


Tunnel Sealing

Tunnel seals ensure sealing between the segments (blocks) used in tunnel construction and provide expansion tolerance.

ROCSEALS offers tunnel seals to its customers who are mainly made of EPDM rubber and require high technical know-how on elastomers and production capacity.

Tunnel seals are produced in different profile designs and elastomer valued based on area of use and tunnel segment material, and subjected to special tests by ROCSEALS technical staff.

Characteristics and advantages of tunnel segment seals are as follows:

  • Controls expansion between blocks and prevents block damage.
  • Interlocks the blocks as soon as installed.
  • Ensures a complete insulation, keeps the areas between blocks and tunnel interior dry.
  • Absorbs the pressure among blocks thanks to its flexibility.
  • Prevents ground movement impacts on tunnel blocks.
  • Resistant against chemical factors and water pressure.
  • Long life-cycle.

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